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BICI Event: Supply Chain Management for Startups on Feb. 23rd

Supply Chain Management for Startups


When: 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm, Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2016

Where: BICI USA Office @ 4655 Old Ironsides Dr., Suite 100,  Santa Clara, CA 95054

Register Now: Click Limited seating (25), please RSVP soon J


– 2:30-2:40 Settle in

– 2:40-3:00 Introduction and welcome remarks by BICI

– 3:00-4:00 Supply Chain Management workshop

  • Brief introduction of supply chain management(SCM);
  • Common supply chain management problems that the startups are facing and their potential impacts;
  • Solutions and remarks for the entrepreneurs to handle SCM themselves;
  • How to choose a good supply chain management company;
  • Services that Bright Blue Sea(BBS) can provide to the startups to make their life easier.

– 4:00-4:30 Q&A

– 4:30-5:00 Network


Guest Speaker:

Christina Huang

Founder and GM of Bright Blue Sea Global Supply Chain Management, Co. Ltd. Supporting US and Canada start-up companies to manage their whole supply chain, providing sourcing, purchasing, NPI SC support, supplier quality management, planning, logistics & warehouse service to them; Providing supply chain consulting service to local state-owned and private companies, 2 of them have gone to public.


2015年1月21日至23日,周副院长一行在杜克大学教授Guerry Grune的陪同下,访问了北卡罗莱纳科研三角区(North Carolina Research Triangle)的多家学校实验室、技术转移办公室、初创公司和孵化器,涵盖了食品加工、先进制造、医疗器械、新材料、智能电网等领域。

BICI USA成功举办首次圣诞派对

2014年12月20日下午两点,在圣诞佳节和新年来临之际,BICI USA举办了公司首次圣诞派对,邀请了与公司合作交流过创业者,投资人,工程师,大学研究员,以增进友谊,为将来更多的合作打下基础,同时我们也希望这些来自不同领域的人才能够互相交流,碰撞出新的想法和合作机会。本次活动的主题为blind wine tasting, 我们提供了三种不同档次的红酒供来宾品评。活动现场高朋满座,大家各抒己见,气氛非常热烈。