About Us

BICI USA Co., LTD is established in Silicon Valley (San Francisco, CA) with the goal of providing maximum resources to innovators and startup businesses interested in China. Every initiative is designed to build a community where international innovators and entrepreneurs can leverage the talents and resources at the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation in China to accelerate their success.

The Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) was founded on August 28th 2014, learning from the successful model of Institute of Innovation of PKU,  specializing in the development and execution of advanced applications of innovative technologies as well as in providing personnel training and services to startup businesses. In addition to doing business in Beijing Research Institute headquarters, the Institute has economic and industrial bases in Baotou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shaoxing.

The Institute believes, by fostering an entrepreneurial culture, it will maximize individual and collective success in building a comprehensive, cross-cutting, inter-disciplinary system, cast longstanding knowledge and innovation capacity, and advance a large number of original science and engineering achievements into marketplace on a global scale.


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