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Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) is a global, non-governmental, non-profit innovation platform jointly established in 2014 by 13 universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University. With offices in Silicon Valley and Hong Kong, BICI is committed to building a global collaborative innovation system integrating "technology innovation, industry development, and talent training", developing indigenous technologies, fostering emerging industries and cultivating innovative talents to boost sustainable economic growth and social development.

Focusing on six key sectors of modern manufacturing, optoelectronics, new energy, medical device, biomedicine, and environmental protection, BICI has set up collaborative laboratories and supported research groups in a number of prestigious universities at home and abroad to study cutting-edge technologies and lead future technological advances. At the same time, BICI has launched internal engineering laboratories and dedicated engineering and technical teams to jointly develop engineering technologies with universities to advance today’s industrial development.

In regions around the world where innovation and start-ups flourish, BICI propels technology commercialization by transforming the potential of technology into economic dynamism, through technology-based joint venture creation and intellectual property assignment or licensing.

Adopting the model of "knowing and doing", BICI joins hands with domestic and foreign universities to train innovative and entrepreneurial graduate students. Students study academic courses at university, take innovation and entrepreneurship courses at BICI, and carry out practical training based on BICI’s real-world projects together with peers across universities and disciplines. Under this model, a unique effect has been created by cultivating talents in innovation and creating further innovation in talent cultivation.

BICI has launched the world' s first Intellectual Property Fund to support scientific research as well as a Transformation Fund to support commercialization, forming a capital chain covering the entire innovation lifecycle.

An Innovative and Entrepreneurial Base covering an area of 400,000 square meters is being built in Beijing and the construction of international bases in US, UK, and Hong Kong has been launched, gradually forming the model of “Beijing Coordination, International development, and Global Commercialization”.

At present, BICI has established strong collaborative relationships with over ten famous Chinese universities and around ten top international universities with the in-depth involvement of a large number of world class professors. Each year, around 50 world-class scientific research projects are launched, about 30 technologies commercialized, around 25 start-up companies formed, and close to 200 entrepreneurial students trained.

After several years’ growth, BICI has become the shared innovation and entrepreneurship base for a number of world-renowned universities. Upholding the concept of "Infinity in innovating, Eternity by sharing", BICI devotes itself to becoming an explorer of university reform and global innovation development in the new era.



BICI Event: Supply Chain Management for Startups on Feb. 23rd

Supply Chain Management for Startups


When: 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm, Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2016

Where: BICI USA Office @ 4655 Old Ironsides Dr., Suite 100,  Santa Clara, CA 95054

Register Now: Click Limited seating (25), please RSVP soon J


– 2:30-2:40 Settle in

– 2:40-3:00 Introduction and welcome remarks by BICI

– 3:00-4:00 Supply Chain Management workshop

  • Brief introduction of supply chain management(SCM);
  • Common supply chain management problems that the startups are facing and their potential impacts;
  • Solutions and remarks for the entrepreneurs to handle SCM themselves;
  • How to choose a good supply chain management company;
  • Services that Bright Blue Sea(BBS) can provide to the startups to make their life easier.

– 4:00-4:30 Q&A

– 4:30-5:00 Network


Guest Speaker:

Christina Huang

Founder and GM of Bright Blue Sea Global Supply Chain Management, Co. Ltd. Supporting US and Canada start-up companies to manage their whole supply chain, providing sourcing, purchasing, NPI SC support, supplier quality management, planning, logistics & warehouse service to them; Providing supply chain consulting service to local state-owned and private companies, 2 of them have gone to public.


2015年1月21日至23日,周副院长一行在杜克大学教授Guerry Grune的陪同下,访问了北卡罗莱纳科研三角区(North Carolina Research Triangle)的多家学校实验室、技术转移办公室、初创公司和孵化器,涵盖了食品加工、先进制造、医疗器械、新材料、智能电网等领域。